• Newark Liberty International Airport

    Final Approach Simulations has released Newark Liberty International Airport for Flight Simulator X!

    -Custom main terminals, hangars, and airport buildings
    -Custom jetways (Non-animated) and ground vehicles
    -Corrected airline parking
    -HD aprons and taxiways
    -Custom runway textures
    -HD photo scenery with seasonal changes
    -Views from inside the terminal and control tower
    -Airport illuminated with lights at night
    -Includes Kearny Heliport (65NJ)
    -Static aircraft (optional)
    -Open hangar that can be parked inside of
    -Available for all FSX versions

  • Toronto City Airport for X-Plane 10 Released!

    We are proud to announce the release of Toronto City Airport for X-Plane 10! The product supports X-Plane 10 for both Windows and Mac.

    The scenery includes:

    -Toronto City Airport (CYTZ)
    -Realistic main terminal with jetways (non animated) and ground vehicles.
    -Custom buildings, and hangars.
    -Custom runway textures
    -Open hangars that can be parked inside of
    -Extra parking for general aviation aircraft
    -Custom runways, and gate textures
    -Static aircraft
    -Airport is illuminated with lights at night
    -Multiple fuel trucks
    -Includes the seaplane ramp
    -Downtown Toronto
    -CN tower, Toronto City Hall, and many other buildings in Toronto
    -Ontario Place
    -3 hospitals with helipads

    Click here for more information.

  • Update for FSX and Prepar3D versions!

    We have updated Toronto City Airport FSX and Prepar3D versions! The update includes the following:

    -Updated graphics
    -Change to airport ground vehicles (to be more realistic)
    -Changing the cars in the parking lot
    -More realism to hangar textures
    -Added marks on the apron
    -Change in runway texture
    -Added ferry
    -Updated trees
    -Bug fixes

    The update is free, however, it only works for users who have already purchased the product.
    Click here to download the update.