Toronto City Airport FSX and Prepar3D v1.5 update (FREE)

We have updated our Toronto City Airport product (FSX and Prepar3D versions). The update includes the following:

-Updated graphics
-Change to airport ground vehicles (to be more realistic)
-Changing the cars in the parking lot
-More realism to hangar textures
-Added marks on the apron
-Change in runway texture
-Added ferry
-Updated trees
-Fixed errors

The update is free, however, it will only work for users who have already purchased the product.

To download the update, click the button below:

How do I know if I need the update?

If you purchased the product before August 26th, 2014, then you have version 1.0 and will need the update. You can also open the “Product info” file in the Final Approach Simulations folder of the start menu to see which version you have.