Frequently Asked Questions

How can I re-download a product if I already purchased it?
Login to your account, then go to My Account, at the top menu bar. Under the Recent Orders section, click on “View” next to the order on the right of the table. On the next page, click on the download file link under the product name.

I accidentally added something to my cart that I don’t want. How can I remove it?

At the top right, go to Shopping cart, and click on view cart. On this page, click on the small white “X” next to the picture of the product.

I lost my password! How can I get it back?

Go to the Lost Password page, and enter your email address. Then you will receive a link to create a new password via email.

Is Final Approach Simulations making more sceneries?

Yes, we are always working on more sceneries. There is plenty more to come! We also work on updates for current products.

Can I purchase products on DVD?

No, our products are only available via download.


How can I add the scenery to the FSX or Prepar3D scenery library?

Please refer to the manual of the product you have installed. You can also re-download manuals here.

How can I increase the amount of frame rates?

Try decreasing your settings in the FSX or Prepar3D settings page. Decreasing Water effects and turning off airport vehicle traffic can boost your performance substantially.

How can I remove static aircraft from Toronto City Airport product?

Read page 13 of the FSX manual or page 12 of the Prepar3D manual.

Do Final Approach Simulations’ sceneries work with Flight Simulator 2004?

No, we do not test our sceneries with FS 2004. We encourage all users to buy a copy of Flight Simulator X.

Why does the website’s menus and headers appear out of place?

If you are using Internet Explorer 10, go to tools (in the top menu bar of the browser), and click on Capability View Settings. In the new window, un-check “Display all websites in Compatibility view“, and then click close.